Mayor of Miami praises Bitcoin as a „stable investment product“ in times of crisis

Mayor Francis Suarez is following the advice of some well-known crypto experts.

Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, is the next influential person to publicly praise Bitcoin ( BTC ), further underscoring the adoption of the market-leading cryptocurrency

In a corresponding tweet on Thursday, Suarez describes Bitcoin Bank as a „stable investment product in a year marked by incredible instability“. He added that he had been educated about digital currency by prominent crypto experts such as Tyler Winklevoss and Anthony Pompliano.

Both Winklevoss and Pompliano subsequently responded to Suarez’s tweet. Tyler said that he and his brother Cameron will bring the Mayor of Miami with him a signed copy of their book „Bitcoin Billionaires“ the next time they are in town.

Meanwhile, Pompliano said that Miami was well on the way to becoming the first “Bitcoin City” in the USA. An idea that another Twitter user took up by advising the mayor to incorporate blockchain technology into the city’s political life. Suarez does not seem averse to this, because he replied: „We will definitely check that!“

Francis Suarez was elected as an independent candidate for Mayor of Miami in November 2017

Prior to his career in politics, he worked as a lawyer and worked in the real estate industry.

Miami is traded as one of the most interesting cryptocurrency destinations in the US , due to the city’s loose regulation and abundant capital. The North American Bitcoin Conference, attended by well-known industry giants such as Charles Hoskinson , Roger Ver and Riccardo Sagni, was held in Miami earlier this year.

The current soaring of the market-leading cryptocurrency, which is supported by increased interest from major investors and companies, has brought Bitcoin back into the spotlight. The adoption of the cryptocurrency is increasingly seen as an asset in times of crisis and economic uncertainty.

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French cryptocurrency exchange Zebitex celebrates two years

The French exchange Zebitex founded in November 2018 celebrates its 2 years of existence.

2 years of existence

Zebitex was created by Pierre-Guy Bareges and Christopher Villegas. They said on

For two years now, Zebitex has been offering a variety of services for both seasoned traders and users making simple conversions. During these two years, we have put all our efforts in the performance and the quality of our service.

Zebitex’s parent company is Digital Service. It has focused on the French crypto market since 2013. The company first offered mining equipment as well as a currency exchange-type shop.

Several features

Many improvements have thus appeared in recent years:

bank card deposit fees reduced from 4.9% to 3.5%,
always free SEPA transfers,
now fixed fees for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency (they were at 0.1% at launch),
a more user-friendly interface to make exchanges easier,
Another advantage: Zebitex offers a free annual tax report of transactions carried out.

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Largest wealth manager in the world bullish: Bitcoin is here to stay

BlackRock’s CIO for Fixed Income, Rick Rieder, has been very bullish on Bitcoin. BlackRock is the largest wealth manager in the world.

In CNBC’s Market Alert, Rieder emphasized the susceptibility of millennials to cryptocurrencies. Coincidentally, shortly thereafter, the price of BTC topped $ 18,800 for the first time since 2017.

Large financial institutions and executives in the traditional financial sector seem to be opening up to Bitcoin Era. While the institutions‘ direct impact on Bitcoin is unclear, the growing perception of BTC as a store of value is very optimistic.

Institutional investors and financial industry executives recognize Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is rising rapidly as a large amount of buyer demand accumulates with every major slump. In the past few weeks there has been significant selling pressure from Bitcoin whales, wealthy investors and buyers.

The internal chain data shows steadily increasing whale inflows to the exchanges, which indicates a high selling pressure on the part of the big BTC owners.

Still, any major decline that marked the short-term moving averages on the 4-hour and daily Bitcoin charts was quickly bought out. This shows that there is a high level of buyer demand in the market.

Based on recent trends, buyer demand for Bitcoin likely came from two main sources

First, the skyrocketing volume of the CME Bitcoin futures market and the rising assets managed by Grayscale show that institutional demand is high.

Second, the steady influx of stablecoins into the exchanges suggests that sideways capital is moving back into the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to the continuous inflows of sideways and new institutional capital into Bitcoin, sentiment around BTC continues to improve.

Rick Rieder, the CIO of Fixed Income at BlackRock (the company has managed $ 7.43 trillion since 2019), on CNBC:

“I think cryptocurrency is here to stay. I think it’s permanent. I believe millennials‘ receptivity to technology and cryptocurrency is real. Digital payments are real. So I think Bitcoin will stay here. „

Previously, JPMorgan and other investment banks had made comparisons between Bitcoin and gold.

What’s next for BTC?

It’s difficult to set a price for Bitcoin or come up with a fair valuation for BTC. But considering that more institutions are comparing BTC to gold, it would make sense to value BTC as a fraction of gold’s market cap.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO at FTX and Head of Alameda Research, explains:

„To be honest, this always struck me as one of the most bullish facts, who knows what the ‚right‘ price for BTC is, but does it matter more or less than 1% as much as gold?“

Currently, the market capitalization of gold is estimated at around $ 10 trillion. The market cap of Bitcoin is despite the recent rally in less than 4% of the gold price.

This can be cited as a strong argument that BTC as a store of value and safe haven is still undervalued, at least in the long term.

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Ethereum (ETH) is on a roll and surpasses its annual high

ETH is approaching a major resistance area at $ 545.

Long-term technical indicators have started to show weaknesses.

ETH / BTC rebounded to 0.0260₿

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on

The course of Ethereum (ETH) has surpassed the $ 490 resistance area and reached a new annual record. That said, ETH is approaching an area of ​​crucial long-term resistance, and one that will likely stand in the way.

Ethereum’s price has shown a considerable rally from its steep fall in March, and one which briefly pulled it below $ 100. ETH suffered another fall on September 4, but has since regained all of its losses.

Price is now approaching a considerable resistance zone at $ 545. This area is both horizontal resistance and the 0.618 fibonacci retracement level of the most recent decline.

Additionally, if the move since November 2018 is a correction in ABC (in white below), it could peak at around $ 535. This is the 1.61 fibonacci level of wave A.

Technical indicators have already started to show weaknesses. There is an unconfirmed bearish divergence developing in the weekly RSI while that of the MACD is already confirmed.

Additionally, the Stochastic Oscillator could generate a bullish cross shortly, confirming the trend reversal

Cryptocurrency trader @ cryptodude999 , shared an ETH chart, claiming that it is forging short positions within the current resistance zone of $ 500. Although this area is slightly lower than the one we highlighted as resistance, it is close enough to it to coincide with, making a possible top.

In the weekly chart, we can see that the price is about to break through the resistance at $ 490 in a bullish candlestick by going below the belt. It is possible that this is the move that will push ETH up towards $ 545.

The ETH / BTC price has declined considerably since the beginning of September. However, it has reached the 0.0260₿ support zone and may have started a significant rebound. The price has also created a double dip pattern, which shows considerable bullish divergences in the RSI like the MACD. The Stochastic Oscillator has formed a bullish cross.

If price continues to rise, the next resistance zone would be at 0.0295₿.

To conclude, Ethereum’s price should probably continue its rally towards at least $ 545. He could then possibly start a long term downward movement. It is also possible that ETH / BTC has hit a bottom, which could allow a faster rally for ETH, compared to BTC.

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ShapeShift Exchange „De-Risking“ poprzez wycofanie

ShapeShift Exchange „De-Risking“ poprzez wycofanie monet Monero i Privacy Coins

ShapeShift, niepubliczna giełda krypto walutowa, usunięta z listy Monero, Zcash i Dash, aby nie narażać się na ryzyko z punktu widzenia przepisów, dyrektor prawna firmy Veronica McGregor powiedziała Decrypt 11 listopada.

Prywatność-łączenie do czystki

W zeszłym tygodniu, natychmiastowa wymiana, bez uprzedzenia, wymazała z listy monet prywatnych na swojej platformie. Chociaż jej założyciel, Erik Vorhees, powiedział, że decyzja została podjęta kilka Bitcoin Up miesięcy wcześniej, dzisiejsze potwierdzenie potwierdza determinację organów regulacyjnych, aby zdławić rozprzestrzenianie się technologii zwiększających prywatność na szynach typu „blockchain“.

W ich ocenie monety chroniące prywatność to droga do prania pieniędzy i uchylania się od płacenia podatków. Organy regulacyjne i organy ścigania w Stanach Zjednoczonych i Europie odcięły się od powszechnego używania popularnych monet, takich jak Monero, w „nielegalnych“ działaniach.
Organy nadzorcze Frowning na temat technologii ochrony prywatności opartych na łańcuchu blokowym

Następnie podwoiły one swoje wysiłki na rzecz ograniczenia wykorzystania. Formułując restrykcyjne przepisy, udało im się złamać bicz, zakazując dostawcom kryptofałszerstw i pośrednikom w handlu tymi monetami tak długo, jak długo działają oni w ramach swoich jurysdykcji.

Już US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) zaoferował dwie firmy kontrakty w wysokości 1,25 mln dolarów do złamania otwartych transakcji Monero. Jak solidne i wiarygodne Monero jest w prawdziwie transakcji zacierania będzie wiadomo, gdy albo Chainalysis lub Integra FEC ujawni swoje narzędzie w maju 2021 roku.

Czy amerykańskie giełdy, takie jak Coinbase, będą stosować ShapeShift?

Nie wiadomo, czy amerykańskie giełdy kryptograficzne, takie jak Coinbase i Binance, będą kontynuowane i usuwane z listy Zcash i Dash. Te prywatne monety są dostępne do handlu na wiodących giełdach, w tym na zbytnio zgodnych Gemini.

Kwestią sporną pozostaje również to, czy ShapeShift również zrywa ich relacje i ujawnia monetę dotyczącą prywatności. Erik Voorhees i giełda w Kolorado zainwestowali w Electric Coin Company, firmę opracowującą monetę poświęconą prywatności, w czerwcu 2016 roku. Inni znaczący inwestorzy w tym czasie to Roger Ver, Digital Currency Group i Barry Silbert.

Jednak Monero, najbardziej skapitalizowany z nich wszystkich, nie jest dostępny do obrotu, ponieważ giełdy wahają się przed notowaniem i zapewniają płynność. Brian Armstrong, dyrektor generalny Coinbase, jest ostrożny w oferowaniu wsparcia dla monety, pomimo jej przyzwoitej rynkowej kapitalizacji.

W lipcu BTCManager poinformował o komentarzu Andreasa Antonopoulosa, że pomimo swojej popularności, Bitcoin może nigdy nie wykorzystać tego samego poziomu prywatności w Monero, co wzbudziłoby ogromne kontrowersje.

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O cofundador da Kucoin revela que 84% dos fundos hackeados foram recuperados

O cofundador do Kucoin, Johnny Lyu, em um tweet na quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2020, atualizou a comunidade sobre o progresso até agora no hack recente que abalou o intercâmbio em setembro. Lyu, em seu tweet, deixou claro que 84% dos fundos hackeados já foram recuperados, com esforços para recuperar o restante ainda em andamento. Embora relativamente silencioso sobre o processo de como os fundos foram recuperados, Lyu disse que os detalhes do processo de recuperação seriam publicados assim que o caso fosse resolvido.

Kucoin recupera a maioria dos fundos roubados

Conforme relatado por ZyCrypto em 26 de setembro de 2020, nada menos do que $ 250 milhões em ativos foram roubados de uma das principais bolsas de criptomoedas, a Kucoin.

Conforme informado na época, as moedas e tokens roubados incluíam Bitcoin, Ethereum e vários outros tokens ERC-20. Esses fundos foram transferidos da carteira quente de Kucoin.

Na época, a troca prometeu que os usuários afetados seriam compensados ​​enquanto procuravam outras bolsas, na esperança de rastrear e possivelmente recuperar os fundos roubados.

O evento fez com que a bolsa fechasse alguns de seus serviços na plataforma

Uma boa notícia finalmente surge quando o cofundador das bolsas, Johnny Lyu, revela que uma parte considerável dos fundos roubados, 84% para ser mais preciso, já foi recuperada.

Informando sobre as medidas tomadas para recuperar os referidos fundos, Lyu disse que os ativos afetados foram recuperados por meio de uma abordagem de rastreamento em cadeia, atualização de contrato e recuperação judicial. Embora ele não tenha ido além disso, Lyu disse que todos os detalhes do hack seriam publicados assim que o caso fosse encerrado, conforme solicitado pelas agências de aplicação da lei.

Além disso, Lyu agradeceu àqueles (incluindo indivíduos e organizações) que comprometeram seus esforços para recuperar os fundos roubados.

Avançando, ele prometeu que a troca iria dobrar seus esforços para proteger os ativos dos usuários na plataforma.

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BTC kæmper for at få et betydeligt momentum som Bears Guard $ 13K

BTC har set en inspirerende periode med prishandling i løbet af de sidste 48 timer. Verdens første krypto steg til en ny højde på $ 13.250, inden han stod over for en vis afvisning, der skubbede priserne tilbage i den øverste $ 12.000-region.

BTC-prisen har siden svingt under $ 13.000 modstandsniveauer, samlet og faldt med et par hundrede dollars, da investorer måler den retning, BTC-markederne vil tage i de kommende timer

På pressetiden er BTCUSD nede 1% for at handle til $ 12.790. Kongemøntens momentum er tilsyneladende gået lidt tilbage efter afvisningen nær $ 13.200 . Imidlertid forventer mange handlende, at BTC-tyre snart vil genvinde $ 13K.

For at forklare den psykologiske betydning af $ 13-niveauet sammenlignede en kryptohandler og analytiker den nuværende rally med det, der blev set i midten af ​​2019, da BTC begyndte sin blow-off-top.

”Prisen på BTC teleporteret fra $ 12.000 til $ 13.000 $ til $ 14.000, hvilket chokerede for de fleste investorer og fik nogle til at tro, at et fuldt sprængt bull run var nært forestående. Men Bitcoin afviste fra $ 14.000, derefter $ 13.000 senere samme sommer som en bekræftelse af regionens tekniske betydning, ” forklarede den erhvervsdrivende via Twitter.

BTC er klar til at bevæge sig højere i de kommende dage, drevet af et fortsat skub for finanspolitisk stimulus og den igangværende brummer over Paypals indtræden i kryptosfæren .

Bitcoin kan stå over for en lille afslutning

BTC-prisen har udtrykt en enorm styrke gennem de sidste par dage, præget af en ubarmhjertig opadgående tendens, der har set aktivet overvinde flere modstandsniveauer.

Ifølge Ki Young, administrerende direktør for analysefirmaet CryptoQuant, vil flagskibskryptoen muligvis snart se et lille fald på grund af stigende spotpres fra store indehavere af BTC.

Administrerende direktør observerede via et tweet, at udvekslingen af ​​hvaler er spidsende, hvilket indikerer, at de forbereder sig på at sælge deres positioner. Han konkluderede, at en mindre afvikling kunne være lige rundt om hjørnet, men han forventer, at tyremarkedet fortsætter i betragtning af den lave udveksling hvalforhold.

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Multilotto: Spielen Sie ein Online-Bitcoin-Jackpot-Spiel, das für jeden Spieler fair ist

Das Online-Glücksspiel hat sich vom Glücksspiel-Shop zum Online-Glücksspiel entwickelt.

Das Thema Online-Glücksspiel wird unvollständig sein, wenn man nicht über das Bitcoin-Glücksspiel spricht. Bitcoin ist ein grenzenloses und dezentralisiertes Zahlungssystem, das viele Online-Lotteriespieler angezogen hat. Die Zahl der Bitcoin-Geldbörsen liegt heute bei etwa 54 Millionen. Multilotto ist ein Unternehmen, das versteht, dass Bitcoin die nächste große Sache für Online-Glücksspiele ist; deshalb haben sie einen fairen Bitcoin-Jackpot geschaffen.

Bitcoin beseitigt Zahlungsbarrieren. Der US-Dollar, der Euro und andere Währungen könnten Gesetzen unterliegen, die einige Spieler daran hindern, an Online-Glücksspielen teilzunehmen, aber Bitcoin beseitigt diese Barrieren. Multilotto weiß, dass diese Barrieren beseitigt werden; deshalb haben sie einen fairen Bitcoin-Jackpot bereitgestellt.

Viele der heutzutage verfügbaren Bitcoin-Websites sind lediglich auf einem Bildschirm verstreute Informationen. Die Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Multilotto ist großartig, und die Navigation auf der Website ist einfach. Multilotto stellt sicher, dass den Benutzern viele Ressourcen zur Verfügung stehen, die es ihnen ermöglichen, das System vollständig zu verstehen. Die Benutzer können ihre Gewinnchancen jederzeit auf der Website überprüfen, und die Zahlung ist einfach, so dass jeder Benutzer mit einem großartigen Internetanschluss innerhalb von Minuten einen Bitcoin-Jackpot knacken kann. Die Website kann keine Ausfallzeiten erleiden, weil sie leistungsstarke Server haben. Wenn ein Benutzer auf ein Problem im System stößt, kann er sich per E-Mail an den Multilotto-Support wenden.

Multilotto ist ein Branchenführer bei der Bereitstellung fairer Lotteriespiele für Benutzer. Ihre Bitcoin-Lotterie basiert auf den in der spanischen Lotterie Bonolotto gezogenen Zahlen. Wenn Sie nicht bis Sonntag warten wollen, wenn die Benutzer die Gewinnzahlen sehen, können Sie Quickpick spielen, bei dem das System eine Zufallszahl für Sie generiert. Das Problem mit vielen Bitcoin Lotteriesystemen ist, dass das System nicht transparent ist und ein nicht existierender Benutzer gewinnen könnte. Multilotto-Gewinner sind echte Benutzer, und ihre Namen werden auf der Website veröffentlicht.

Die Eintrittsbarriere für den Multilotto-Bitcoin-Jackpot ist niedrig. Sie können schon ab 3 € am Jackpot teilnehmen. Das System ist so konzipiert, dass die Gewinnchancen unabhängig von der Anzahl der Teilnehmer gleich sind. Multilotto ist sich bewusst, dass viele Glücksspielsysteme, die es Spielern mit einem kleinen Geldbetrag ermöglichen, es für sie schwierig machen, zu gewinnen. Bitcoin Jackpot bietet gleiche Gewinnchancen für alle, und die Ergebnisse sind zufällig, ohne einen Benutzer zu begünstigen.

Multilotto weiß, dass die Sicherheit bei jedem Online-Lotteriesystem von Bitcoin an erster Stelle steht. Aus diesem Grund beschäftigen sie die besten Cybersicherheitsexperten, um sicherzustellen, dass das System fair ist. Bonolotto basiert auf einem realen Ereignis in Spanien und kann von keinem Benutzer gehackt werden; außerdem ist die Schnellauswahlfunktion so gesichert, dass kein Benutzer in das System eindringen kann, um die Ergebnisse zu manipulieren. Im Bitcoin-Jackpot werden Multilotto-Gewinne mit Bitcoin ausgezahlt, was sicher ist.

Sie müssen eine Website besucht und eine Lotterie gewonnen haben, und Ihre Gewinne werden nicht oder verspätet ausgezahlt. Bei Multilotto wird Ihr Bitcoin-Jackpot-Gewinn sofort in Bitcoin ausgezahlt, und es gibt eine Seite, auf der Sie Ihre Gewinne verwalten können.

So spielen Sie Bitcoin-Jackpot mit Multilotto

Registrieren Sie sich auf der Multiotto-Website, sehen Sie sich die Lotterieseite an, um die verschiedenen Spiele zu sehen, wählen Sie Bitcoin Jackpot. Nehmen Sie eine Zahlung mit Ihrer Bitcoin Brieftasche vor. Die Zahlung ist flexibel; Sie können die Zahlung mit Ihren neuen und bestehenden Bitcoin-Geldbörsen vornehmen und mit dem Online-Lotteriespiel beginnen. Schauen Sie auf der Multilotto-Website nach den Gewinnern, um zu sehen, ob Sie zu den glücklichen Gewinnern gehören. Die Gewinne werden sofort ausgezahlt.

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Tutti i 350 membri del Congresso dei deputati spagnoli ricevono bitcoin

Bitcoin è stato inviato a 350 deputati del Congresso spagnolo nell’ambito di un’iniziativa educativa simile alla campagna „Crypto for Congress“.

Secondo il rapporto del giornale locale ABC, tutti i 350 membri del Congresso dei deputati spagnoli sono stati inviati a Bitcoin Revolution del valore di un euro ciascuno nell’ambito di una campagna educativa. Il Congresso dei deputati è la camera bassa del parlamento spagnolo e conta 350 membri.

L’iniziativa è stata lanciata dalla piattaforma educativa Blockchain Tutellus e dall’Observatorio Blockchain „per sensibilizzare sul ruolo ‚trascendentale‘ che le crittocurrenze avranno nella trasformazione dell’economia e della società“.

La campagna ha lo scopo di educare i legislatori con nuovi soldi

La pubblicazione ha citato fonti che dicono di aver spiegato ai deputati che siamo in un momento di profondi cambiamenti nell’uso del denaro, oltre a sottolineare l’importante ruolo che le crittocittà hanno oggi.

Tutti i 350 rappresentanti dei dieci gruppi parlamentari della camera bassa del Parlamento hanno ricevuto mercoledì una mail con l’equivalente di un euro in bitcoin, il notiziario dettagliato.

I bitcoin inviati ai legislatori non erano donazioni, secondo Miguel Caballero, fondatore di Tutellus, che ha lanciato l’iniziativa spagnola.

Molti deputati probabilmente hanno già una certa esperienza nell’uso delle valute criptate, ma vorremmo che coloro che non hanno ancora familiarità con il nuovo denaro avessero l’opportunità di entrare in contatto con esso, ha detto.

L’adozione della Bitcoin aumenta quest’anno in mezzo alla pandemia in corso

L’adozione globale del principale bitcoin di criptovaluta, secondo quanto riferito, è aumentata quest’anno in mezzo alla pandemia in corso. Come riportato in precedenza, secondo una nuova ricerca della società di analisi a catena di blocco Chainalyisisis, l’Ucraina batte la Russia, la Cina, e più in adozione crittografica su diverse metriche.

L’Indice prende in esame tre metriche a catena, tra cui il valore totale delle transazioni crittografiche a catena ponderate in base al potere d’acquisto pro capite (PPP), il valore dei trasferimenti al dettaglio a catena ponderati in base al PPP e il numero di depositi crittografici a catena ponderati in base al numero di utenti Internet.

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Preço do bitcoin cai abaixo de $10K como os olhos do analista ‚dead cat bounce‘.

Bitcoin brevemente reentra quatro números antes de um salto leva o mercado para cima $400 em minutos em meio a condições altamente voláteis.

Bitcoin (BTC) caiu abaixo de $10.000 em 4 de setembro como pressão de venda combinada com a força do dólar americano para provocar mais dor para os hodlers.

Preço BTC aciona touros com US$ 9.900 de salto

Dados da Coin360 e Cointelegraph Markets mostraram que o BTC/USD atingiu quatro números durante as negociações de sexta-feira, limitando as perdas de 24 horas a mais de 10%.

A maior moeda criptográfica havia tentado recuperar US$ 10.500 no dia, antes de capitular para perder cinco números pela primeira vez desde o final de julho.

O movimento para baixo vem em meio a sinais renovados de alta no índice do dólar americano (DXY), com o qual Bitcoin tinha mostrado crescente correlação inversa em agosto.

Na época da imprensa, a volatilidade foi perceptível, com o BTC/USD flutuando em torno da marca de 10.000 dólares. Uma recuperação levou o par para $10.400 minutos após o mergulho para mínimos de $9.900.

Formação do fundo dos olhos do analista e nova „altseason“.

Para o analista do Cointelegraph Markets Michaël van de Poppe, havia um grande interesse em estabelecer um suporte de fundo – algo que provavelmente ocorreria no excelente gap de futuros de Bitcoin de $9.700.

„Se queremos estabelecer uma formação de fundo, eu diria que precisamos testar o baixo ou construir claramente um forte apoio“, ele tweeted.

„Nesse sentido, o gato morto salta para os 10 mil dólares altos, o que acaba com outra queda para estabelecer esse suporte.“

Van de Poppe acrescentou que a fraqueza no Bitcoin poderia depois provocar novos ganhos para os altcoins. A quota de mercado do Bitcoin era de 57% na sexta-feira, o seu valor mais baixo desde Junho de 2019.