MoneyGram no longer uses Ripple XRP

MoneyGram no longer uses Ripple XRP

Ripple Labs and MoneyGram have ended their cooperation and are going their separate ways for the time being. The reason for this is The News Spy likely to be the ongoing proceedings against Ripple Labs by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ripple Labs announced on 8 March that it had terminated its contract with the financial company MoneyGram. MoneyGram, in turn, had already declared about a fortnight ago that it would no longer use Ripple Labs‘ platform.

Ripple Labs‘ announcement on 8 March said:

Ripple [Labs] and MoneyGram have jointly made the decision to terminate our current partnership agreement.

Why does MoneyGram want to stop using Ripple XRP?

Ripple Labs and MoneyGram began working together in 2019, and MoneyGram is in the foreign remittance business. Therefore, Ripple’s „xRapid“ was naturally the ideal solution for MoneyGram to offer an even faster and cheaper service. XRapid is based on the Ripple cryptocurrency XRP and enables lightning transfers across borders.

The reason for the current termination of the cooperation is likely to be the proceedings of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Ripple Labs, which began in December 2020. MoneyGram presumably wants to protect itself from consequential damages should Ripple Labs be defeated by the SEC.

When the SEC proceedings against Ripple Labs became public, MoneyGram had still taken a wait-and-see attitude. However, the company has apparently changed its mind in the meantime.

Other companies have also already separated from Ripple Labs or no longer offer the sale of the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP. These include, for example, the crypto exchanges Coinbase, Binance and Kraken.

What are the SEC’s proceedings against Ripple Labs about?

In December 2020, the SEC had filed a case against Ripple Labs in the U.S. District Court for the Southern Areas of New York. The case concerned the sale of the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP. The SEC assumes that Ripple’s XRP tokens are actually securities from a legal perspective. Ripple Labs has been selling these securities since 2013 without the necessary prior registration with the SEC.

Ripple Labs has long contradicted this line of thought and does not consider its XRP tokens to be securities. Rather, Ripple XRP is a fully functioning currency and a better alternative to Bitcoin (BTC).

What does the future hold for MoneyGram and Ripple XRP?

Despite the current termination of the business relationship, Ripple Labs and MoneyGram are apparently keeping a backdoor open for a new partnership in the future. For example, the third paragraph of Ripple Labs‘ announcement on 8 March states:

We are both committed to re-examining our relationship in the future.

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PayPal Smashes Daily Crypto Volumes als Retail Investors Returns

Na een aanzienlijke daling in het afgelopen weekend lijkt de crypto-markt zich op te maken voor een herstel. En PayPal profiteert ervan.

De detailhandel is terug

Gisteren meldde Alex Saunders, een Australische crypto-gerichte journalist, dat de betalingsverwerker PayPal een nieuw hoogtepunt in de Bitcoin-handel had bereikt. Een grafiek uit Saunders‘ post toonde aan dat de handel op het platform in één dag 242 miljoen dollar bereikte, waardoor het vorige record van 129 miljoen dollar in het niet viel.

Het vorige record werd iets meer dan een week geleden gevestigd, toen Bitcoin na een andere mijlpaal steeg naar $42.000. Al met al is de cryptohandel op PayPal dit jaar met bijna 1.000 procent gestegen.

PayPal is pas een paar maanden geleden begonnen met het aanbieden van cryptohandel. Sommige commentatoren hebben het gevoel dat de meeste gebruikers zich ingraven om een idee te krijgen van de werking van het platform. Nog steeds, zoals Saunders tweeted, lijkt deze schommeling het versterken van de handel van de crypto detailhandelaars te tonen.

PayPal is één van de grootste bijdragers aan de huidige marktpiek. Toen het bedrijf in oktober zijn uitstapje naar de crypto-ruimte aankondigde, begon de prijs van Bitcoin te stijgen, waardoor het nieuwe records brak en het plafond van $40.000 werd verbroken. Op dat moment prezen velen PayPal’s toetreding tot de crypto ruimte dankzij de pure gebruikersbasis.

De service van PayPal bereikte vorig jaar 361 miljoen gebruikers. Aangezien het bedrijf ook ongeveer 28 miljoen handelaren aan boord van zijn platform heeft, is het potentieel voor adoptie aanzienlijk. De uitrol van de crypto is nog niet voltooid, maar de tekenen wijzen op een succesvolle relatie tussen PayPal en de crypto ruimte.

Alle ogen op Bitcoin

De toename van de handelsactiviteit valt samen met de langzame terugkeer van de markt naar het hoogtepunt van 30.000 dollar. Zoals eerder uitgelegd, bereikte Bitcoin vorig weekend $42.000, waardoor beleggers in een razernij terechtkwamen. Helaas heeft de asset de afgelopen twee dagen een aanzienlijke daling gezien, waardoor het grootste deel van de markt meegesleept is.

Vanaf gisteren bereikte Bitcoin een dieptepunt van ongeveer $30.500. De totale crypto-markt verloor ook $170 miljard aan marktkapitalisatie tussen 10 en 11 januari, waarbij de top tien van digitale activa gemiddeld 13.035 procent in prijs verloor op een punt.

Gelukkig lijken de dingen weer normaal te worden. Gegevens van CoinMarketCap tonen aan dat de crypto-markt weer meer dan $900 miljard waard is, en de meeste van de top tien digitale activa zijn aanwinsten aan het plaatsen in het afgelopen 24 uur.

Toch geloven sommigen dat het nog erger kan. Alex Mashinsky, de CEO van crypto portemonneeservice Celsius, ziet de daling van Bitcoin in het weekend als de eerste fase van een bredere correctie. Mashinsky voorspelde dat de asset terug zou gaan naar het $16.000 bereik voor het einde van Q1 2021, met beren die genoeg druk opbouwen om een aanzienlijke daling te forceren.

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Netherlands: Bitstamp users forced to take photo of their wallet for withdrawals

This is another sign of the tightening of regulations for cryptocurrency holders. Dutch users of the Bitstamp exchange must now take a picture of the recipient wallet of the funds they withdraw from the platform …

Bitstamp tightens withdrawal conditions for users located in the Netherlands

This new rule does not come directly from the exchange, of course , but from new regulations which are applied at the local level . As one Twitter user reported, Immediate Bitcoin sent a letter to all cryptocurrency holders located in the Netherlands:

“Yes, it’s serious. Persons located in the Netherlands must undergo KYC measurements for their pick-up addresses. “

The letter explains:

“The new regulation requires us to collect proof that you are the holder of the wallet or the exchange account before being able to withdraw your cryptos. […] You must provide a photo proving that it is indeed your address . “

This means that users in the Netherlands can no longer withdraw their funds from Bitstamp, unless they “whitelist” the recipient address. They also cannot withdraw funds directly to third party accounts . They will first have to remove them from their personal wallet, before sending.

Why is this worrying

This new measure comes following a tightening of anti-money laundering rules by the Dutch government. Exchange platforms like Bitstamp are encouraged to check whether the “end beneficiaries” of transfers made with their services have been flagged on suspicious account lists.

The exchange Bitconic had already taken similar steps last November, and Bitstamp is unlikely to be the last platform located in the Netherlands to toughen its KYC measures for withdrawals. This type of regulation could be extended elsewhere in Europe and in the world . Already, there are rumors of similar regulations, which could be applied in the United States. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, launched the alert on the subject last November.

Efficiency that is the subject of debate

If we compare cryptocurrencies to cash, this type of measurement shows all its absurdity. As we have mentioned, nothing prevents a malicious person from transferring their cryptocurrencies to a personal wallet, before sending them to suspicious addresses. The enforcement of these KYC measures for withdrawals does not appear to be effective, and the threat to user privacy is very real.

In France, the trend unfortunately seems to be similar. On November 9, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire introduced an ordinance aimed at “ strengthening the fight against the anonymity of crypto-asset transactions ”. The fight against the financing of terrorism is often waved like a red rag by politicians, but in reality, terrorists are still very largely financed by fiat currencies. Unfortunately, that does not stop this type of measures considered as liberticidal by the majority of the crypto community.

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MicroStrategy offre 400 milioni di dollari in obbligazioni per comprare più Bitcoin

La società di business intelligence MicroStrategy sta raddoppiando le sue partecipazioni Bitcoin. L’azienda ha ora in programma di estendere 400 milioni di dollari di obbligazioni convertibili per l’acquisto di altri titoli della BTC.

MicroStrategy raccoglierà 400 milioni di dollari solo per acquistare Bitcoin

Secondo un comunicato stampa di MicroStrategy, la società raccoglierà 400 milioni di dollari di senior notes convertibili – uno strumento di debito convertibile in azioni di una società emittente – in un’offerta privata a investitori istituzionali accreditati. E tutti i proventi saranno utilizzati per aggiungerli alla loro tesoreria Bitcoin System.

Nel comunicato stampa si affermava inoltre che le obbligazioni non saranno garantite e che MicroStrategy riporterà il credito con scadenza semestrale posticipata ogni 15 giugno e 15 dicembre di ogni anno, a partire dal prossimo anno, 2021.

Le banconote scadranno il 15 dicembre 2025, ad eccezione del fatto che saranno riacquistate, bonificate o convertite secondo le loro condizioni. Inoltre, le banconote saranno scambiabili in contanti, azioni ordinarie di classe A di MicroStrategy, o una sequenza di contanti e azioni ordinarie di classe A di MicroStrategy, a scelta di MicroStrategy.

Come afferma l’azienda:

„MicroStrategy intende investire il ricavato netto della vendita delle azioni in bitcoin in conformità con la sua Treasury Reserve Policy in attesa dell’identificazione del fabbisogno di capitale circolante e di altri scopi aziendali generali“.

Ad oggi, il totale della borsa Bitcoin di Microstrategy ha quasi 62.000 BTC, rendendo l’azienda il terzo investitore istituzionale Bitcoin, accanto a Grayscale e Coinshares.

MicroStrategy sta facendo le onde nel mondo Bitcoin

Solo pochi giorni fa, il 5 dicembre, il CEO di MicroStrategy Michael Saylor, che ha recentemente affermato che Bitcoin è „un milione di volte meglio dell’oro“, ha dichiarato su Twitter che l’azienda ha acquistato altri 2.574 BTC del valore di circa 19.427 dollari ciascuno per 50 milioni di dollari, portando la sua intera disponibilità di crittografia fino a circa 40.824 BTC all’epoca.

All’attuale prezzo di mercato, la partecipazione di MicroStrategy in BTC vale circa 784 milioni di dollari, il che indica che l’azienda è attualmente in crescita del 65% rispetto ai 475 milioni di dollari acquistati. L’ultimo comunicato stampa afferma inoltre che il prezzo degli interessi, il prezzo di conversione, il tasso di cambio e altri termini specifici delle note saranno definiti al momento della determinazione del prezzo dell’offerta.

Come accennato in precedenza, i titoli saranno distribuiti ai sensi della regola 144 del Securities Act e saranno aperti solo a investitori istituzionali adeguati.

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Det här året kommer att ge vinster som vissa kan kalla „chockerande“, säger Diginex VD

Med Bitcoin på en dramatisk priskurs kan 2021 bli ett händelserikt år för kryptoindustrin.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) slog nyligen igenom $ 35 000 som en del av en enorm prisuppgång, delvis resultatet av Bitcoins begränsade utbud, enligt Diginex VD Richard Byworth.

„Bitcoin håller på att starta sin efter halverande tjurcykel,“ sa Byworth till Cointelegraph och tillade:

”Efterfrågesidan i denna ekvation har påskyndats av enorm bankstimulans och investerare som söker säkra värdeförvaringar mot ökande monetär inflation. Som ett resultat utvärderar nu en stor del av finansiella institut deras storlek på Bitcoin-positioner just nu. Detta leder till massiva uttag av utbyten eftersom dessa deltagare går för att säkra kylförvaring. Vi har en kris på utbudssidan i Immediate Edge. ”

Efter att COVID-19-pandemin tog över rubrikerna i mars 2020 hoppade USA: s regering i handling, tryckte massor av pengar och släppte olika stimulanspaket. Under senare hälften av året började stora mainstream-enheter avslöja sina Bitcoin-inköp , som ofta tilldelade tiotals och hundratals miljoner till den digitala tillgången.

Bitcoin har i stor utsträckning lett showen när det gäller prisåtgärder för kryptotillgångar, även om Ether ( ETH ) och andra nyligen har börjat lägga upp betydande vinster också

„Altcoins kommer att prestera extremt bra eftersom detaljhandelsaktörer som känner att de har“ missat bitcoin „kommer att försöka hitta“ nästa bitcoin „och nästa 1000x“, säger Diginex VD och tillade:

”ETH spelade inhämtning och är ett av de enda livskraftiga smarta kontraktsnäten som redan har rensats effektivt av SEC. Det troliga fortsatta fokuset på stallmynt efter OCC-meddelandet kommer sannolikt att gynna ETH eftersom många av dessa finns på Ethereum-nätverket. ”

US Securities and Exchange Commission, eller SEC, har förstärkt sin övervakt och lämnat in åtgärder mot Ripple och kallar sin XRP- tillgång en oregistrerad säkerhet. Därefter uppstod rädsla i kryptoutrymmet, och vissa undrade om SEC också kommer att följa andra tillgångar och projekt. På en positiv anmärkning rensade dock det amerikanska kontoret för valutaövervakaren nyligen vissa stabila valutaaktiviteter bland bankerna.

Vad kommer 2021 att hålla för Bitcoin och krypto? „Som jag sa, vi är i början av tjurcykeln, 2021 kommer att leverera avkastning som sannolikt kommer att vara chockerande för vissa människor,“ sade Byworth. „Bitcoin kommer att ligga norr om $ 100 000 någon gång under året och alts kommer sannolikt att följa.“

Med Byworth vid rodret blev blockchainfokuserad outfit Diginex offentlig i oktober 2020.

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TA: Il prezzo Bitcoin inizia un nuovo aumento, perché 33.500 dollari è la chiave

Il prezzo del Bitcoin è sceso bruscamente verso la zona dei 28.000 dollari contro il dollaro USA. La BTC è attualmente in rialzo, ma potrebbe dover affrontare una forte resistenza vicino ai 33.200 e ai 33.500 dollari.

  • Bitcoin quasi il 20% verso il livello dei 28.000 dollari prima di iniziare un nuovo aumento.
  • Il prezzo è ora tornato sopra i 31.000 dollari e sta negoziando ben al di sopra della media mobile semplice di 100 ore.
  • C’è stata una rottura sopra una linea di tendenza ribassista importante con una resistenza vicina ai $32.350 sul grafico orario della coppia BTC/USD (data feed dal Kraken).
  • La coppia potrebbe continuare a salire, ma potrebbe affrontare una forte resistenza vicino alla zona dei 33.500 dollari.

Prezzo Bitcoin che mostra segni positivi

Ieri, noi bitcoin price abbiamo visto una brusca correzione al ribasso al di sotto della zona di supporto di 32.000 dollari. BTC ha rotto molti supporti importanti vicino ai 30.000 dollari e ha addirittura raggiunto un picco al di sotto della media mobile semplice di 100 ore.

È sceso di quasi il 20% rispetto all’alto e ha testato la zona di supporto da 28.000 dollari. Si è formato un minimo di quasi 27.967 dollari prima che il prezzo iniziasse un nuovo aumento. Ci fu un aumento costante e il prezzo si riprese al di sopra del livello di 30.000 dollari. C’è stata anche una rottura al di sopra del livello di ritracciamento del 50% di Fib della correzione al ribasso dall’oscillazione alta di 34.850 dollari a quella bassa di 27.967 dollari.

Ancora più importante, c’è stata una rottura al di sopra di una importante linea di tendenza ribassista con una resistenza vicina ai 32.350 dollari sul grafico orario della coppia BTC/USD. La coppia è ora tornata sopra i $31.000 e sta negoziando ben al di sopra della media mobile semplice di 100 ore.

È scambiata al di sopra del livello di ritracciamento della fibra del 61,8% della correzione al ribasso dallo swing alto di 34.850 dollari a quello basso di 27.967 dollari. Sul lato positivo, ci sono un paio di ostacoli importanti vicino a $ 33.500 e $ 33.800.

Un break and follow through di successo al di sopra dei 33.500 dollari è un must per la continuazione al rialzo. La prossima resistenza chiave potrebbe essere vicina alla zona da 35.000 dollari.

Immersioni supportate in BTC?

Se bitcoin non riesce a superare i livelli di 33.200 e 33.500 dollari, potrebbe iniziare un nuovo movimento verso il basso. Un supporto iniziale sul lato negativo è vicino alla linea di tendenza interrotta e 32.200 dollari.

Il primo supporto importante è vicino al livello di 31.400 dollari e alla media mobile semplice di 100 ore. Una chiusura al di sotto della SMA su 100 ore potrebbe iniziare un calo costante verso il livello di 30.000 dollari o addirittura 29.500 dollari a breve termine.

Indicatori tecnici:

MACD orario – Il MACD sta guadagnando slancio nella zona rialzista.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – L’RSI per BTC/USD è ben al di sopra del livello 50.

Major Support Levels – 32.200 dollari, seguito da 31.400 dollari.

Major Resistance Levels – $33.200, $33.500 e $33.800.

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This stock market giant is attempting to mine Bitcoin… while there’s still time!

Bitcoin’s Crazy Miners

he fact that the Bitcoin network’s computing power (hashrate) is already at an all-time high doesn’t discourage some. The Marathon Patent Group announces that it has placed a record order for specialized ASIC mining machines with Bitmain.

Marathon wants to have more than 100,000 Antminer S19s.

Together with the 33,000 Antminer S19 miners that Marathon already owns today, the company will therefore own a total of 103,000 state-of-the-art Profit Revolution miners (BTC).

Listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Marathon Patent Group specializes in digital asset mining, an industry in which it is one of the leading players in North America.

According to a press release published on December 28, Marathon has entered into a contract with Bitmain for the purchase of 70,000 Antminer S19 type miners.

According to the terms of the agreement, receipt of this gargantuan order will begin in July 2021 and is expected to end in December 2021.

„This purchase is (…) the largest order for S19 ASIC miners that Bitmain has ever received. We appreciate the hard work of their team in fulfilling this order, as well as the 30,000 S-19 miners we have purchased since August 2020 (…) and we look forward to continuing to work with them to grow our business. »

Merrick Okamoto, CEO of Marathon

The equivalent of more than 7% of Bitcoin’s global hahsrate.

Once the order has been fulfilled, the Marathon group will have a total computing power of 10.36 EH/s (exahashes per second).

If the consensus hashrate by proof of work of the BTC network were to remain at 140 PeH/s as at present, Marathon alone would represent around 7.4% of this computing power.

In any case, one thing is certain: with this 170 million dollar order for its Antminers, Bitmain has already secured its 2021 season:

„The new contract for 70,000 Antminer S19s with Marathon convincingly demonstrates the major role of our S19 in providing our customers with first-class mining efficiency. (…) Marathon has quickly become our largest customer, and our partnership continues to be mutually beneficial to both companies. »

Irene Gao, Antminer Sales Director for North and South America

While listed companies like MicroStrategy invest in bitcoins, the Marathon Group prefers to go straight to the source, to mine BTCs itself (in the hope of selling them at a gold price perhaps?). This will also represent a welcome geographical diversification of bitcoin mining, which will be slightly less concentrated in China than it is now.

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Mayor of Miami praises Bitcoin as a „stable investment product“ in times of crisis

Mayor Francis Suarez is following the advice of some well-known crypto experts.

Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, is the next influential person to publicly praise Bitcoin ( BTC ), further underscoring the adoption of the market-leading cryptocurrency

In a corresponding tweet on Thursday, Suarez describes Bitcoin Bank as a „stable investment product in a year marked by incredible instability“. He added that he had been educated about digital currency by prominent crypto experts such as Tyler Winklevoss and Anthony Pompliano.

Both Winklevoss and Pompliano subsequently responded to Suarez’s tweet. Tyler said that he and his brother Cameron will bring the Mayor of Miami with him a signed copy of their book „Bitcoin Billionaires“ the next time they are in town.

Meanwhile, Pompliano said that Miami was well on the way to becoming the first “Bitcoin City” in the USA. An idea that another Twitter user took up by advising the mayor to incorporate blockchain technology into the city’s political life. Suarez does not seem averse to this, because he replied: „We will definitely check that!“

Francis Suarez was elected as an independent candidate for Mayor of Miami in November 2017

Prior to his career in politics, he worked as a lawyer and worked in the real estate industry.

Miami is traded as one of the most interesting cryptocurrency destinations in the US , due to the city’s loose regulation and abundant capital. The North American Bitcoin Conference, attended by well-known industry giants such as Charles Hoskinson , Roger Ver and Riccardo Sagni, was held in Miami earlier this year.

The current soaring of the market-leading cryptocurrency, which is supported by increased interest from major investors and companies, has brought Bitcoin back into the spotlight. The adoption of the cryptocurrency is increasingly seen as an asset in times of crisis and economic uncertainty.

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French cryptocurrency exchange Zebitex celebrates two years

The French exchange Zebitex founded in November 2018 celebrates its 2 years of existence.

2 years of existence

Zebitex was created by Pierre-Guy Bareges and Christopher Villegas. They said on

For two years now, Zebitex has been offering a variety of services for both seasoned traders and users making simple conversions. During these two years, we have put all our efforts in the performance and the quality of our service.

Zebitex’s parent company is Digital Service. It has focused on the French crypto market since 2013. The company first offered mining equipment as well as a currency exchange-type shop.

Several features

Many improvements have thus appeared in recent years:

bank card deposit fees reduced from 4.9% to 3.5%,
always free SEPA transfers,
now fixed fees for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency (they were at 0.1% at launch),
a more user-friendly interface to make exchanges easier,
Another advantage: Zebitex offers a free annual tax report of transactions carried out.

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Largest wealth manager in the world bullish: Bitcoin is here to stay

BlackRock’s CIO for Fixed Income, Rick Rieder, has been very bullish on Bitcoin. BlackRock is the largest wealth manager in the world.

In CNBC’s Market Alert, Rieder emphasized the susceptibility of millennials to cryptocurrencies. Coincidentally, shortly thereafter, the price of BTC topped $ 18,800 for the first time since 2017.

Large financial institutions and executives in the traditional financial sector seem to be opening up to Bitcoin Era. While the institutions‘ direct impact on Bitcoin is unclear, the growing perception of BTC as a store of value is very optimistic.

Institutional investors and financial industry executives recognize Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is rising rapidly as a large amount of buyer demand accumulates with every major slump. In the past few weeks there has been significant selling pressure from Bitcoin whales, wealthy investors and buyers.

The internal chain data shows steadily increasing whale inflows to the exchanges, which indicates a high selling pressure on the part of the big BTC owners.

Still, any major decline that marked the short-term moving averages on the 4-hour and daily Bitcoin charts was quickly bought out. This shows that there is a high level of buyer demand in the market.

Based on recent trends, buyer demand for Bitcoin likely came from two main sources

First, the skyrocketing volume of the CME Bitcoin futures market and the rising assets managed by Grayscale show that institutional demand is high.

Second, the steady influx of stablecoins into the exchanges suggests that sideways capital is moving back into the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to the continuous inflows of sideways and new institutional capital into Bitcoin, sentiment around BTC continues to improve.

Rick Rieder, the CIO of Fixed Income at BlackRock (the company has managed $ 7.43 trillion since 2019), on CNBC:

“I think cryptocurrency is here to stay. I think it’s permanent. I believe millennials‘ receptivity to technology and cryptocurrency is real. Digital payments are real. So I think Bitcoin will stay here. „

Previously, JPMorgan and other investment banks had made comparisons between Bitcoin and gold.

What’s next for BTC?

It’s difficult to set a price for Bitcoin or come up with a fair valuation for BTC. But considering that more institutions are comparing BTC to gold, it would make sense to value BTC as a fraction of gold’s market cap.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO at FTX and Head of Alameda Research, explains:

„To be honest, this always struck me as one of the most bullish facts, who knows what the ‚right‘ price for BTC is, but does it matter more or less than 1% as much as gold?“

Currently, the market capitalization of gold is estimated at around $ 10 trillion. The market cap of Bitcoin is despite the recent rally in less than 4% of the gold price.

This can be cited as a strong argument that BTC as a store of value and safe haven is still undervalued, at least in the long term.

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